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Pledge for the Planet

What’s the Problem for the Planet?

There are many kinds of pledges (promises) that you can make to make the environment healthier. Take a good look at things around you that seem like they aren’t so goodfor the environment. Look for things that you can accomplish. Decide on an action that you care about and that is creative but not too hard, too expensive, or too crazy (a little crazy is okay!).

Planet Plusses

Pledge to do your activity for a week, a few weeks, a month, or even the whole year! And if you are up for the challenge, do two actions. Some examples of pledges could be:

  • Use both sides of a piece of paper
  • Turn off half the lights in your bedroom/home
  • Pick up litter on your walk to school

Think about your action and how it will help make the environment healthier (keep track of your ideas).

People Plusses

When we tell other people what we intend to do, we get support for doing it and sometimes reminders! Plus you might just inspire others to Act for the Planet too. The more people that do simple actions, the more it adds up to big changes!

Think about your action and how it will help people or animals become healthier or better off (keep track of your ideas).

Ready to Act?

I’m Acting for the Planet by making a pledge for the planet!

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Download the guide Download the guide To act for the planet on your own, download the guide ...Or, if you're part of a group, click here...
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