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Earth Day Canada’s EcoKids Program

“…they loved the graphics online, they loved the colouring, the games, its so intreactive and kid-friendly and there was no stopping it once it was introduced, it just sort of tidal waved over.”

— Krista O’Keefe,
— grade 5 teacher

EcoKids, un programme de Jour de la Terre Canada

«Les leçons permettent aux élèves de voir qu’ils ont un rôle à jouer, que oui c’est possible de changer les choses et qu’ils peuvent le faire et en bout de ligne je pense que ça leur de l’espoir et ça c’est précieux.»

— Eve Duchesne

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The Teacher’s Lounge offers a wide array of free environmental education resources, including:

  • A fleet of new lesson plans tailored to the Ontario Elementary Science and Technology curriculum, incorporating the 2008 Environmental Education Scope and Sequence of Expectations resource guide (more new lesson plans will be added throughout the year)
  • Corresponding printable handouts and assessment materials for each lesson
  • Activity sheets and topical handouts
  • A searchable interface of our resources categorized under a point-and-click version of the Elementary Science and Tech Curriculum Overview chart
  • A national contest called “The Great EcoKids Challenge” modified especially for teachers wishing to use class time for an environmental project with curriculum-linked ideas and assessment tools
  • Literacy Corner—a resource list of environmental books with corresponding teaching tools
  • English as a Second Language lessons and resources
  • A “Calendar” section where you can have access to our EcoCalendar
  • Profile pages for other EcoKids schools that list their activities and accomplishments
  • And much more!

Registering with EcoKids provides you unlimited access to our Teacher’s Lounge resources for the duration of the school year. You can renew your membership in September 2016.

Your yearly registration gives us an accurate and up-to-date contact list that allows us to periodically inform you of new and exciting resources. We greatly appreciate your participation!

Please note: Anyone registering between July 1st and August 31st will automatically be signed up for the following school year, beginning September 1st, 2015. (You will not need to re-register.)

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