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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from marty

The way to save bees and still get honey is by not using the gases they currently use to make them sleepy and vulerable. The bees then will die out quicker. What we must do is think of a different way of getting honey. Forinstance by making the storing location for them diffferent so honey could maybe drip down and out instead of stealing it away from them.

marty , 13,

A message from Kelsey

Build new bee houses!!!!!

Kelsey , 11, Whiteville

A message from Kelsey

Build new bee houses!!!!!

Kelsey , 11, Whiteville

A message from Anna

We can save bee's by taking care of them and not killing them and also try not to get stinged by them.

Anna , 9, Fort Worth

A message from Min

To save bees people should not try to kill them, or they should not try to anger them so the bees will sting them and die. Other answers could be the people who get the honey should not spray so much of spray before they collect the honey because the spray can make bees sick.

Min , 11, Busan

A message from patrick

by not polluting the air by spraying bugspray and other chemicals and we can also sign a petition like Adam said

patrick , 11, kenner

A message from Brianna

don't bother them so they won't sting you and they won't die!!!!!!! Don't break their habitat (nests) even though they might be annoying get professional help to get them removed!

Brianna , 12, Surrey

A message from emily

by pollinating flowers so the bees can have pollen and so they can feed the bee family and they will live and we will live so we are even.

emily , 10, buffalo NY

A message from Adam

Organize a petition to ban pesticide and send it or present it to your MP or MPP

Adam , 11, Toronto


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