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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Ella

I love bees and i want to help them as much as i can

Ella , 13, Toronto

A message from Ella

I love bees

Ella , 13, Toronto

A message from Abby

We can save the bees by not killing them just let them fly let them make honey! To help them make honey we can plant flowers for them to pollinate on. Thanks :D

Abby , 13,

A message from emily

stop eating and drinking honey.

emily , 5, michigan

A message from naomi

i love the plants

naomi , 10, edmonton

A message from nana

Never ever smash bees!

nana , 8, portivle

A message from abass

dont kill her

abass , 8, amman

A message from Malavika GV

1.Grow more flowering plants 2.Avoid plucking flowers unnecessarily 3.dont smoke & destroy the hives instead call local conservationists so that they can safely relocate hive to a colony of hives 4. do not eat into their ecosystem by building apartments everywhere

Malavika GV , 9, Bengaluru

A message from Sonia

I love eco kids .com it is the best in the hole inter world but there's no flash player boohoo I also love biodiversity and wild life games it is really amazing and cool

Sonia , 11, Oak vile

A message from olivia

We can help save the bees by not spraying pesticides on plants. We also can help save the bees by not knocking down there nests. 1 more reason is that we can leave them alone so they leave us alone.

olivia , 11, frederick


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