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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Zaina

Well, you can save bees by not getting there honey

Zaina , 9, Montgomery

A message from Amia

keep them in a safe place altogether.

Amia , 10, Tucson

A message from the bee wisperer

bees are the most imprortant people on earth if it werent for them we woldent b alive becuse they polonaite plants wich give the plants food we eat the plants see the cicle???mostly the trees if the trees wouldent b alive then we wouldent have clean ear 2 breath wich can lead 2 heart tacks and u see we need the bees for there polin and there honey for sour throuts we luv bees u see there important i know that there stings stings but thats just becus there scard of u more than your scard of them there just smal cute important creatures.I hope that they dont go icstinked.

the bee wisperer , 9, toronto

A message from jessica

I think we can save bees by letting flowers go and buying less honey and stop trying to kill them!

jessica , 10, ottawa

A message from Ella

I love bees and i want to help them as much as i can

Ella , 13, Toronto

A message from Ella

I love bees

Ella , 13, Toronto

A message from Abby

We can save the bees by not killing them just let them fly let them make honey! To help them make honey we can plant flowers for them to pollinate on. Thanks :D

Abby , 13,

A message from emily

stop eating and drinking honey.

emily , 5, michigan

A message from naomi

i love the plants

naomi , 10, edmonton

A message from nana

Never ever smash bees!

nana , 8, portivle


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