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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Anonymous

We can plant a garden to attract bees, and not swat or kill them.They're little insects that deserve to live.

Anonymous , 9, Toronto

A message from jade

To save bees when they accidentally fly in to your house we should stop killing them and instead take a cup and a piece of paper and trap them. Then put them outside and let them go.

jade , 18,

A message from hind

I think we should always plant flowers in our garden which will actract bees and also give us oxegon

hind , 10, calafornia

A message from leah

well, starting off you can create a habitat for them. Then you can let them come to the plant and they can pollinate and make honey!

leah , 13, wisconsin

A message from emaan

Plant flowers that bees like! Dont be scared of them and dont kill them!!!!!

emaan , 10, mississauga

A message from makenzie

We can not eat so much honey and let them stay around.:-)

makenzie , 10, kernersville

A message from Izzy


Izzy , 11, Aurora

A message from Zaina

Well, you can save bees by not getting there honey

Zaina , 9, Montgomery

A message from Amia

keep them in a safe place altogether.

Amia , 10, Tucson

A message from the bee wisperer

bees are the most imprortant people on earth if it werent for them we woldent b alive becuse they polonaite plants wich give the plants food we eat the plants see the cicle???mostly the trees if the trees wouldent b alive then we wouldent have clean ear 2 breath wich can lead 2 heart tacks and u see we need the bees for there polin and there honey for sour throuts we luv bees u see there important i know that there stings stings but thats just becus there scard of u more than your scard of them there just smal cute important creatures.I hope that they dont go icstinked.

the bee wisperer , 9, toronto


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