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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Robin

Save the Planet!

Robin , 40, Jonesboro

A message from Lacie

We can help the bees by putting them in a diffent habitats

Lacie , 10, Bingham ME

A message from akvile

put them in a big high place that is tall wood with flowers in it.

akvile , 7, Boston

A message from tanisha

well we could be more friendly to them reasons because everyone is scared

tanisha , 13, london

A message from grace

Plant more flowers.

grace , 7, Geelong west

A message from Chloe

I believe that we can save the bees by not taking away there food source, flora. I also believe that we can save he bees by setting up bee farms.

Chloe , 14, Pakenham

A message from ethan

plant flowers in your garden

ethan , 8, bedworth

A message from evelyn

help them all the time

evelyn , 10, taylor

A message from Kesha

Try not to steal their honey!

Kesha , 10, omaha,nebraska

A message from sabriyah

i love this

sabriyah , 11,


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