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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Amrita

We can help save bees by not using pesticides. Pesticides hurt bees a lot which is a major problem.

Amrita , 10, Hong Kong

A message from Makenzie

I think a way to save bees is to let them do their thing and don't eat as much honey

Makenzie , 10, kernersville

A message from Sandra

You should not attack the bees so that they won't attack you.

Sandra , 10, Aurora, Ontario

A message from Caitlin

We can save them by not annoying them and killing them

Caitlin , 10, Perth

A message from Ben

Bees are life. Bees are love. Bees give me joy. I own bees. I did an FFA project over bees. I didnt make it to Nationals though. That makes me saaaaad.

Ben , 17, Franklin

A message from Caitlin

We all can help in some way!

Caitlin , 8, Dartmouth

A message from rosie taylor

give them a home people don't kill one every time u see it try to stay away from it and if u do kill it u just committed murder

rosie taylor , 13, tx

A message from Caitlin

What is wrong with the bees?

Caitlin , 8, Dartmouth

A message from nelson Wing

Build places for them

nelson Wing , 10,

A message from liala

we can help save the bees by not killing them if were frightened by them. We all love all animals! my favourite animal is a dolphin

liala , 10, glasglow


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