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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from mudra

We should not cut trees so they can make honey and give it to us.


A message from deboraj

Stop using pesticides boycott the killing isles in each store. .ask stores not to carry them. Write farmers not to use them organics so more organic farmers will be needed.

deboraj , ashland

A message from deborah

We need to plant trees everywhere we possibly can can how about trees for people will plant them.

deborah , ashland

A message from Tanishka

Save bees by growing plants and trees so that even they will also help you in pollination and you will have oxygen breathe.They can also spend their lives in our world so I want say all of you to save bees in this way.

Tanishka , 9, Bangalore

A message from daesia

have lost of flowers so they can have some place to pollinate

daesia , 8, macon

A message from Olivia

Plant more flowers.

Olivia , 8, Ontiona

A message from Albany

Plant city gardens in parks with plants that attract bees

Albany , 10, Blountsvillie

A message from shraddha

by doing apiculture and building wooden houses for not harming their hives.

shraddha , 12, udupi, karnataka

A message from Saru

First we have to conserve the forest and flowers.

Saru , 11, Sallery

A message from Tianh

I think people should recycle to save our community to save the animals so they don't die from people throwing away garbage people who do that should be punished people who don't litter should be rewarded and be given an award that would be the right thing to do

Tianh , 12, sodus ny


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