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Are you going to participate to the Act for the Planet Campaign?

- Jacob, age 6, Gatineau, QC
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A message from Cameron

Yes, I will clean up as much trash as i can find.

Cameron , 9, Howell

A message from josiah

i will pickup trash and pick up bottles

josiah , 10, howell

A message from JOHN


JOHN , 9, Howell

A message from Ava Zaltsman

yes i am going to go around the neighborhood and collect trash

Ava Zaltsman , 10, farmingdale

A message from amethyst

i will clean up trash

amethyst , 9, freehold

A message from Zachary

I will plant trees and recycle to help our earth!

Zachary , 10, Howell

A message from Anonymous

I will try to participate. I will carpool more often, recycle and reuse things,and i will try not to throw things in the trash, but i will if needed

Anonymous , 11, Howell

A message from Elizabeth

Yes! I will reuse bottles.

Elizabeth , 11, Howell

A message from Rodney

I will participate by recycling some paper.

Rodney , 11,

A message from Cristian

I will reduce reuse and recycle.

Cristian , 11, Friesendorf


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