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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Taylor

We can save bees by telling others of how much bees do for us. For example they make sweet honey that we enjoy. Bees are good for our plants too and with out them there would be less air because we need trees and flowers and they will die quick

Taylor , 10, Alanta

A message from serene

We can save the bees by not harming them and not cutting down the trees

serene , 8, thornhill

A message from Kulsoom

I think all the cute animals should be looked after.

Kulsoom , 10, Melbourne

A message from Brendan

Stop using fossil fules

Brendan , 11, Bethesda

A message from Raph

Dont mess around with them and live them be.

Raph , 12, Pelletier

A message from Megan

I think we could just leave them alone! Let them do there thing in peace, they will only hurt us if we hurt them first or if you have sugar but they don't mean it. We could also put a few of them in a museum.

Megan , 11, Kingston

A message from stephaie

by not picking or cutting flowers.

stephaie , 10, blanchester

A message from Amrita

We can help save bees by not using pesticides. Pesticides hurt bees a lot which is a major problem.

Amrita , 10, Hong Kong

A message from Makenzie

I think a way to save bees is to let them do their thing and don't eat as much honey

Makenzie , 10, kernersville

A message from Sandra

You should not attack the bees so that they won't attack you.

Sandra , 10, Aurora, Ontario


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