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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from Tianh

I think people should recycle to save our community to save the animals so they don't die from people throwing away garbage people who do that should be punished people who don't litter should be rewarded and be given an award that would be the right thing to do

Tianh , 12, sodus ny

A message from Robin

Save the Planet!

Robin , 40, Jonesboro

A message from Lacie

We can help the bees by putting them in a diffent habitats

Lacie , 10, Bingham ME

A message from akvile

put them in a big high place that is tall wood with flowers in it.

akvile , 7, Boston

A message from tanisha

well we could be more friendly to them reasons because everyone is scared

tanisha , 13, london

A message from grace

Plant more flowers.

grace , 7, Geelong west

A message from Chloe

I believe that we can save the bees by not taking away there food source, flora. I also believe that we can save he bees by setting up bee farms.

Chloe , 14, Pakenham

A message from ethan

plant flowers in your garden

ethan , 8, bedworth

A message from evelyn

help them all the time

evelyn , 10, taylor

A message from Kesha

Try not to steal their honey!

Kesha , 10, omaha,nebraska


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