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Are you going to participate to the Act for the Planet Campaign?

- Jacob, age 6, Gatineau, QC
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A message from marianne

I think everyone should be friendly all there life because it is important to me because i love wildlife

marianne , 7, london

A message from mrinalini

I love orangatans can you put orangatans.

mrinalini , 8, chandler

A message from Rina

Keep up the good work!

Rina , 12, Ho Chi Minh

A message from Brooke

I want to sing up for EcoKids because I think its a great organization to aware kids about are planet and whats going on in it. I want to do my part by raising money to help are planet and the environment we all live in. From the money I earn I would love to plant trees in my local community!

Brooke , 11, Toronto

A message from anand

i think everybody should be eco friendly

anand , 8, ottawa

A message from jessi

i luv my earth coz it sustain my life....i am loved to live here...we need to save our earth...stop polluting earth...

jessi , 9, chigago

A message from jesi

water is polluted everywhere....drink safe water

jesi , 18, pondicherry

A message from Tina

Yes! I can't wait to help.

Tina , 10, howell

A message from rosha

I also love red pandas

rosha , 9, toronto

A message from hasti

i really think we should stop pulluting earth.Earth is where we live!

hasti , 10, toronto


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