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How can we help save the bees?

- Lauren, age 9, Halifax
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A message from James

Don't destroy bee hives

James , 9, Rincon

A message from Megan

-I don't understand why people have to litter and kill our plants and animals just because they want to use them for vegstables and all that like it doesn't make sense and it isn't fair. Would you like if someone came to your home and blew it up.... No so why do people do that to animals put yourself in an animals shoes... wait animals don't have shoes but still.... Save boidiversity not kill it!!!!!!!!!!

Megan , 11, hamilton,ontario

A message from Dany

Do not take their honey

Dany , 9,

A message from brianna-monique

We should put bees in a good environment. With a lot of flowers for the bees.

brianna-monique , 10,

A message from bannana

By making a bee waterer.Place marbles in a bowl with very shallow water.The bees land on the marbles and can drink the water.If you were to have just a dish of water the bees would drown.That is my say.

bannana ,

A message from Hi

We can help save bees by ... 1 Purchasing plants or seeds that haven’t been treated in pesticides, which can kill the bees 2 Stop using insecticides 3 Plant Bee-friendly plants 4 Create natural habitat gardens 5 Find out more about bees 6 Support your local beekeepers 7 Make you own 'Wild bee' house 8 Become a beekeeper 9 Lobby your local MP or MEP 10 Sign petitions banning pesticides 11 Encourage your local authority to do more to help bees

Hi , 16, Richmond Hill

A message from Sophie

Bees are a vital part in our ecosystems around the world. Without them, there would be hardly any plants or food, and us humans would have nothing to eat! I say that, although this seems like a bad idea, we need to domesticate the bees more. It is becoming less and less popular to keep bees, but keeping bees, say, on a farm or a garden, would help the bee- and food- populations tremendously. We need to publicize the idea of beekeeping and the benefits of the practice. And beekeeping doesn't just benefit your crops or garden, you can collect their honey or their wax for candles or lip balm. Natural honey and beeswax is the best kind; the honey tastes great while being good for you, and beeswax lip balm, candles, and hand balm has great healing properties. So keeping bees will literally keep the bees!

Sophie , 13, Gilford

A message from sabian

We can save the bees by planting more flowers so they make more honey

sabian , 11, sydney

A message from dakota

we can make sure that they have enough needs so that they can at least stay alive and make sure that we try to not make them upset so they do not sting us.

dakota , 10, philadephia

A message from Matty

To start saving bees we should start growing more flowers and not take so many bees for honey only a few. And not eat or drink if you drink honey as much

Matty , 10, edmonton ab


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