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What are some of your green new year’s resolutions?

- Suggested by EcoKids
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A message from abi

We need to have Earth Day taken more serious!

abi , 10, San tan vally

A message from jasmine

I turned the water off when I brush my teeth.

jasmine , 11, raytown

A message from john

I want to help the earth and make a change. I want to give to people who need a roof, and food. I want to make a difference in the world and I want to make it this year. I have already started, so join me on my adventure.

john , 17, oshawa

A message from Naomi

Energy is very fascinating! I am going to try and save energy by not leaving things on (such as lights). I will study about the environment at college. This website is amazing to help people like me who are eager to learn more...

Naomi , Melbourne

A message from Makaila

We need to do something about our wildlife population in Montana. I have done my best to try and help out our environment, but I need help in doing it. Let's help Montana.

Makaila , 12, Billings

A message from Robbie

Walk more.

Robbie , 7, Sudbury

A message from Roswitha

To recycle everything possible, clean up the litter at the parks and encourage my friends to do the same.

Roswitha , 15, Milton, Ontario

A message from Natalie Howard

this is an awesome website.

Natalie Howard , 11, Indianapolis

A message from Abi

We need more trees!!!!!!!!!

Abi , 12,

A message from daae

i think we should protect the environment by not throwing garbage on the ground

daae , 11, toronto


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