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Why should we conserve energy?

- Amber, age 14, Manchester, USA
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A message from rebecca

We need to love our country just like we love our family.

rebecca , 13, detroit

A message from keyonce

recycling is very important, you can recycle at home at school and every where else,just have fun doing it

keyonce , 10, toronto

A message from amber

because it will really help us out

amber , 11, kansse

A message from brenden

save energy=save money $$$$$$$$ we are doing an energy unit in 3rd period where energy trust of Oregon sends you a kit that has a showerhead and sink areators. go ETO! (energy trust of Oregon)

brenden , 12, corvallis,OREGON

A message from Angelina

To take care of the earth. Help the people and animals, plant stay alive. Keep the world from dying.

Angelina , 13, mooresville

A message from Brenden the best

we should use high efficiency showerheads like intellshower showerheads (this is not a commercial)

Brenden the best , 12, corvallis,oregon

A message from p.stita

We should conserve energy because one day will come that all the natural resources will end.It will waste money.

p.stita , 10, Bhubaneswar

A message from Lia

We should conserve energy because this is the source of our actions in our daily life also we need to do this so we could have energy for future purposes.

Lia , 15,

A message from Tarun

we should conserve energy because energy isn't free. The grown-ups in our house pay for the all the electricity we use. So wasting energy is the same as wasting money - and we know that's not a good idea!

Tarun , 11, Bathinda

A message from khrystal

it will be better. Think about electrical bill will not be so high.....saving money!$$

khrystal , 13, eulesss


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