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What do you think is the most important environmental issue today and why?

- Corey, 10, Detroit
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A message from Honor

I think the biggest issue today is water and global warming!i don't know but thats my statment.they should stop littering the earth so people everywhere can save us all!

Honor , 11, Atlanta

A message from meabh

you should ban not having a recycling bin then every one would recycle

meabh , 11,

A message from Melissa

I think that the most important environmental issue is the forests, we should stop chopping down trees because then we are killing trees and destroying animals homes and habitats.

Melissa , 9, Toronto

A message from Monica

what i think the most important issue is not polluting around the world and not wasting too much electricity.

Monica , 10, markham

A message from alyssa

I think the most important environmental issue today is pollution because it greatly affect the balance in an ecosystem and because of it we are suffering from greenhouse effect, it also contaminating the water that we drink, the air that we inhale, the population decrease (mortality). i am greatly concern in the negative economical effrects that the pollution have brought us.

alyssa , 13, tarlac

A message from Chase

Our world is a great place. I really liked the ocean side clean up. It was very fun. The ocean is very,very clean I think it will never stop! That's why it's important to keep the world & nature clean! It's important! You know you live here with nature on this world! You know that?

Chase , 6, Lantzville

A message from gizem

saving water because the animals wont have much water to drink and same with us.Our sinks,toilets or anything else to do with water will have no water.

gizem , 10, brisbane

A message from Melissa

Hi, it is me again from the school you just went to,i just have to say that i enjoyed the games and wanted to say thanks for coming and hope you can come again! see you soon!

Melissa , Toronto

A message from Erika

I think that your should save the world for a better future.

Erika , 09, Toronto

A message from Gloria

I think it is prtecting the environment and saving energy.

Gloria , 9, Toronto


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