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Should cars be allowed to idle (to keep the car engine running while stopped) while waiting in a fast food drive thru? What about while waiting to pick someone up? Can you think of a way to encourage people to stop idling their cars?

- Brandon, 13, Port Hope
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A message from fallyn

you should always turn off a car because it causes pollution and it hurts animals.It will make them sick and they might die!!So thats why you should turn off a car!Idling is bad while you are waiting turn off your car! So keep your envirement safe!!!!

fallyn , 9, rapid city

A message from Alyssa

No, because it ruins our envirement and atmosphere. we are destroying it enough as it is but we should not destroy it at all. I think we should stop !

Alyssa , 11, salem

A message from jossie

no, because it causes polution in the air and it is not heathly for way to help is to have soal powerd cars!!!!!!!!!!!!

jossie , 11, salem

A message from katie

kids should do more to help whales like recycle because some places dump their garbage into oceans wich kills whales

katie , 12, telford

A message from makayla&megan

me and my friend megan want to say cars are dumb tyhey should stop making thembecause thier just causing problems and killing things. So mabye we should not let our cars idle but mabye we should stop driving all together

makayla&megan , 12, Powell River

A message from makayla

no cars should not be allowed it should be againsed the law cuz it causes more pollution then ther should be

makayla , 13, powell river

A message from Megan

I do think cars should stop Idling and waiting. They are polluting alot. We also should use less electricity, carpool, bike and walk to short-distance places.

Megan , 11, Powell River

A message from Ryan

Yes, yes, why bother? There are insufficient scientific studies to prove any climate change, and even less to prove that humans are the cause of it

Ryan , 13, Calgary

A message from Lucas

No you should turn the car off while you are waiting for someone. Too much gas is filling the air. It is not good because that puts holes in the ozone layer. We will tell pepole to stop doing this now! We will tell pepole to stop doing this by telling them that they are hurting mother nature and the cute little animals of the world!

Lucas , 9, Barrie

A message from Mary

In this day and age with modern cars idling is pointless. Instead of idling open your windows to get fresh air when it's hot and when it's cold put on extra warm clothes instead of using airconditioner in your car. In our state we had an Earth hour where everyone turned off their lights for one hour at the same time and we save millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases. Why not get on board and try it in your city. THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS!!!!!

Mary , 11, Sydney


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