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Our Current Question

Which candidate or political party do you think would be a good "Green" Prime Minister of Canada?

- Suggested by EcoBob.
[This question has 6 responses]
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A message from lisa murray

i think we should pick the best b/c we are the best

lisa murray , 12, alma

A message from Anisha

I live in the U.S. and that is not something I would know aboout. Nobody thatt doesn't live in Canada would know that. Think of something that affects all of us.

Anisha , 11, Apache Junction

A message from Rania

if you want to pick a topic,at least pick a topic that other kids are able to answer

Rania , 13, Kuwait

A message from Dustin

I think Jack layton is a good pick

Dustin , 13, St.James

A message from Jess

I think a good Green Prime MInister would be either Jim Harris or Jack Layton.

Jess , 12, Toronto

A message from nicole

if you are going to pick topics, at least pick topics that every one should have an answer about!!!!!!!! take me for an axample, i know nothing about Canada so there for i do not have an answer to your question!!

nicole , 13, Oak Hill



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