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Why do you think us kids should try to save the planet?

- Suggested by Rigel, Age 10 Hamilton, Canada
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A message from Suzie

Global Warming is caused by human activity and reducing emissions is a priority. Ecokids is a awesome site.

Suzie , 19, Roseville

A message from Katherin

This is a super duper sight for alternative Fuels! -Katherin

Katherin , 16, Sunnyvale

A message from Zachary

I think that we should think more than just, "Iwanna play video games" and think, "what can I do to help?", think on it, then do what you thought about.

Zachary , 9, Richmond Hill

A message from danielle

you not drive cars because it is pollitioning the air

danielle , 10, buffalo

A message from Sarah

I think that kids should try to save the planet because our planet is like our life. Without it we would all "not be here" The Earth is our home and just like the tree's give us oxygen, the Earth gives a place to live.

Sarah , 12, Grand Island

A message from givonna

stand up for what you belive in! do your part

givonna , 10, Thunder bay

A message from Yuki

Start walking 2 school and use the 3 r's Reduce Reuse Recycle

Yuki , 12, Abbotsford

A message from lesly

my say is that we should make a compohster every fall when we rake the leaves instead of using at least 3 garbage bags and if we dont then they should recycle them

lesly , 10, brentwood

A message from olivia

I think kids should try to save the earth and recycle because if they dont we could all die including the earth. SAVE YOUR EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

olivia , 10, mount vernon

A message from Ecogirl!

Yes i really think a lot of us should care because when we grow up we are gonna be in charge and the world will be in our hands so lets make it a better place for all of us!

Ecogirl! ,


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