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How would you feel if a garbage dump was located down the street from your house or apartment?

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from Samantha

If people use the recycle boxes more the enviorment would be better for animals and humans!

Samantha , 12, Topeka, United States

A message from yvonne

I don't think anyone should be litterring I think if anyone litter it should cost $20 just fora pice of trash!

yvonne , 10, topeka, United States

A message from Kira

I would feel mad if they did it.

Kira , 13, Courtenay, Canada

A message from Kt

I think keeping our enviornment clean is very important, because if we don't the world could end up to be one nasty place. Also PLEASE DON'T LITTER!

Kt , 11, Philadelphia, United States

A message from AShdelle

that the street would look messy and i would complain to the council.

AShdelle , 11, Taupo, New Zealand

A message from Jessica

i would tell my mum to pack up and move complain to the council.

Jessica , 12, hamilton, New Zealand

A message from Taylor

I would be happy. My Grandparent lived near one & they got to see all kinds of animals, like Bears, & Birds.

Taylor , 12, Kenai, United States

A message from Ketrice

I would feel upset because it would be another place to waste things. I would try to fire the company and make a recycling place.

Ketrice , 9, Fort Erie, Canada

A message from Eva

I would feel upst that the dump was loacated so close to my home because recycling is better than wasting.

Eva , 11, Fort Erie, Canada

A message from Jarvis

I think we should care about our planet.

Jarvis , 11, Texas, United States


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