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How would you get people to recycle more and to make less garbage? How can you change the way people think about trash?

- Allysha, 11, Virginia
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A message from jyoti

acyually trash is nothing else than the the things that we have thrown . we have to educate people about the harmful effects of garbage

jyoti , 11, mathura

A message from Miley

Well Allysha, since I'm a celeb, I'd just say what I think! But for al those people out there who aren't famous, just tell some family. Tell some friends. Spread the word to everyone you know! Soon everyone will be recycling! xx

Miley , 19, New York

A message from hirah

I can tell people to use cardboard boxes,as GARBAGE Cans, that we get when we buy products like crib,tv,and other things.Plus I want others to recycle juice boxes ,milk cartons. Do not make your trash smell bad ,but think that its something that useless to you,but not for others.Keep it clean!

hirah , 7, edmonton

A message from adam

i do eco club and we dont use lights. only when we really need them:)

adam , 10, london

A message from Trinity


Trinity , 9, Maple Ridge

A message from ananua

plant trees for a fresher breeze

ananua , 12, bhopal

A message from Hacky Sack

CALLING ALL ECOKIDS!!! please tell me about your experiences on going on nature walks which by the way is where you go walking down the street and try to find a beautiful place that you have never seen before and explore!OH MY GOSH!! I sound like Dora the Explorer!!UGGGH plus that rhymed!aw crud.

Hacky Sack , 11, Ione

A message from Destiny

Maybe we can put up posters and people will read them and change the environment. We could put posters on freeways or places where a lot of cars go by.

Destiny , 12,

A message from Courtney

make recycling seem more fun

Courtney , 13, Aberdeen

A message from Trinity

people should not dump bad liquids into other things.

Trinity , 8, Maple Ridge


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