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What's your favorite eco friendly ideas?

- Lorenzo, age 14, Houston, USA
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A message from Jahmirah

i think it is good to teach kids and inspire them to help our eco system so good job

Jahmirah , 12, raliegh

A message from Lia

When it comes to earth we need to respect it and get i cleaned and GO GREEN!!!!!

Lia , 12, Raliegh

A message from Amy

I really like the program at my school with picking up garbage. I think it is really cool. I also like my principal, she has very very VERY eco friendly!!!!!

Amy , 9, Edmonton, AB

A message from Marie Zelie

My Favorite eco friendly idea is SOLAR!

Marie Zelie , 12, Norwalk

A message from qwanish

i think kids should recyle

qwanish , 10, ontario

A message from sophia

make the world a better place and plant plants

sophia , 8, sarasota

A message from sonia

help the world

sonia , 8, sarasota fl.

A message from elliott

my favorite eco thing is walk to school week

elliott , 11, nappley

A message from Natalie

My favorite eco-friendly idea is walking to short distance places and not using that much electricity. I do Earth hour every day at my house.

Natalie , 11, Jakarta

A message from Georgia

Clean up garbage.

Georgia , 7, Chicago


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