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Why people and government don’t care about the environment?

- Fadilah, 8, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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A message from Jenna M-K

i think that they don't care because they all get something out of it it makes me all sad it really makes me mad there so mean boo.

Jenna M-K , 10, geogetown

A message from jenna mills-kavanagh

i think you guys could tell people to stop using so much energy and to stop making so much pollution

jenna mills-kavanagh , 10, milton

A message from Hillary

I don't know why people don't care they should!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary , 10, Milton

A message from Faiza raja

You should make littering illegal it is not good you government should really care more! It encorages young people to litter p.s please use these thoughts.

Faiza raja , 8, Birmingham

A message from jhaimee

because they just think that technology will be so much easier if we use it but they're wrong we need the environment to improve our lives, our lives was so important and so was the environment if we care about our environment our planet will be a big example of love !

jhaimee , 12, paranaque city

A message from kiasha

they dont care because they think about there selves and not the enviroment i mean they care about us but not the enviroment like friends for change they should give a grand fund to us the people of the united states to make m this world a better place like michael jackson used to say peace and we are the world

kiasha , 12, california

A message from nina

philippines is a very dirty country because of all the cars here, because people here litter anywhere,throw chemicals in the bodies of water and burn their there are floods and the counrty so i will have my say and i say that people around the world must not do these things because we are destroying the ozone layer because when we destroy our earth we destroy ourselves

nina , 10, cabanatuan city

A message from meme

i think people don't care because they make money by selling the product.

meme , 14, st. catharines

A message from Bethany

well I care about the enviroment but I don't think other people and goverment care because they can't be bothered or they've got other important things to do

Bethany , 10, Blackpool

A message from hulaba

i have to say that the the world needs attention

hulaba , 2, hjca;a


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