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How are you getting ready for school?

- Lauren, age 8, Winnipeg.
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A message from Lina

Yep! It`s going to be a great schoolyear because I am going into Grade 5 and in Grade 5 we get to go skiing!! :)

Lina , 10, Saskatoon

A message from emilia

we are doing a project and it is so fun

emilia , 10, melbourne

A message from aamani

what is wast in our world

aamani , 8, Cagary

A message from Sydnee

How are CANADA and THE US different?

Sydnee , 13, Auburn

A message from jojo

going to bed early and getting up earley.

jojo , 13, plotberg

A message from semhal

hello my name is semhal, well in our school we have a project about our environment and where thinking of turning the drains into holes instead of big lines that rubbish can go through but our idea will not let rubbish through!

semhal , 10, melbourne

A message from keke

I went to Walmart and target and got every thing i needed

keke , 13, winston salem

A message from jojo

going to bed earley.

jojo , 12, plotberg

A message from Sarah

I am going into grade seven and this year i have decided not to buy new things. I am going to be using everything I used last year. I also have a few biodegradable pencils and a couple of recycled school suplies.

Sarah , 11, Pang

A message from Joe

boxes make good homes

Joe , 5, loops


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