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If you could be the Prime Minister for one day what would you do to help the Planet?

- Quincy, 10. Oakville ON
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A message from henriette

i would make it a car free day and nobody would be alowed to drive except for ambulences and fire trucks.

henriette , 12, toronto

A message from Renée

I would try to advise everyone to recycle. Even just by recycling a plastic bottle it helps the enviorment! That would be my message!

Renée , 10, Winnipeg

A message from kavya

well that a great question well i would ask helf and build or ivent a car that works with water and is reuseable i would also spend my day planting my garden and picking up the garbage

kavya , 10, northyork

A message from Katie

Well I would...... Not litter,Clean up garbage and use reuseble bags.

Katie , 8, London

A message from Katie

Well,Earth sweet Earth.

Katie , 8, London

A message from Olivia

If in were prime minister for a day i would say paper cups are now recyclable and if you have any cups you want too donate we could try and make layers of walls for people too play with or too make it so thick its tornado proof or just strong it wont fall or call other party leaders around the world and try too talk out some differences so there there is NO war-and that the poor places can be a bit more wealthy.

Olivia , 10, Toronto

A message from Amber

i would make smoking illegal because it pollutes the air. Not only that but it gives deadly cancers and dieases

Amber , 12, Windsor

A message from Grant

i feel that co2 is a major issue on our planet i love ur website i think u could include more and make it more for teens i think that people need your atention and i feel that people couldent care less but i care and i know u do

Grant , 13, fairview

A message from emma

you shoud yose both sides of paper

emma , 7, toronto

A message from Naana

To Make a team to help factory's make less poulition,pick up litter from the ground teach other kids about other ways to help the envirement,and to grow healthy fruits to eat.

Naana , 8, Doesn't live in a city


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