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How do you get to school every day?

- Joshua, 13, Colorado
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A message from Flora Jo

I walk

Flora Jo , 8, Richmond

A message from sierra

i think everybody shuold have thier share in cleaning the earth so everyone needs to do somthing to help the earth.

sierra , 9, zion

A message from steph


steph , 11, saratoga

A message from Rebekah

I take the bus

Rebekah , 12, ottawa

A message from hailey

My mom takes me in her car!!!!

hailey , 7, Yucaipa

A message from Amanda

I usually ride the bus or my Mom will drive me. It would take about 1 hour and 1/2 to get to school if I rode my bike or walked.

Amanda , 12, Massachutes

A message from Elisa

my mother or my aunt drives me to school.

Elisa , 11, San Benito

A message from Ellie

I come to school in the car because we hardly have any time and then I stop in a car park and go to school this time I walk!

Ellie , 9, Leicester

A message from Maddie

we all need to put more efort together, big or small we can do it all!

Maddie , 11, Anglesea

A message from tasha

i walk 8 miles every day

tasha , 8, sault ste. marie


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