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Do you think it is possible for one person to change the world?

- Suggested by Hannah, 14, Toronto.
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A message from TJ

I love this website its awsome! it teaches you everything you need to know! well enjoy this great website!!!!

TJ , 10, Surgoinsville, United States

A message from dev

yes it is is in hands of one person and yet its not. its upto this one person to change himself...that wud definitely change the way he luks at things going around him..however changing the world is another aspect and its different thaen tchangin ones it s in hands of one person to start something that wud motivate others n more n more ppl wud follow the right path.....hopefully this makes sense to u...coz it dint to me...hehehhe!! love n peace..

dev , 12, brampton, Canada


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