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What can kids do to help prevent climate change?

- Diana, 11, St. John's
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A message from spanky

hi! i love ur web!! i think it kwl! and i try not to litter i dont litter cuz it hurt the animals!!

spanky , 13, richland center

A message from claire

People should get off their bums and walk to save energy

claire , 12, perth

A message from brayden

i think people like lumberjacks should all get fired so we can save the trees

brayden , 12, melbourne

A message from Freeda

I think we can do alot of cool suff like dance, play hockey and even play soccer to recuce climate change dawg!!! <3 i love the environment kiss kiss hug hug

Freeda , 10, Ingersoll

A message from Laurelle

We can STOP polluting the world around us and filling our atmosphere with greenhouse gases!!! Lets stop climate change today!!

Laurelle , 12, Toronto

A message from Jimmy

What country produces the most energy?

Jimmy , 14, Jersey City

A message from STACEY



A message from Kayla

What can kids do to prevent climate change? Well not much cause there kids. Maybe not to take their gas scooter out or pocket bikes cause it just adds on to the problem. So take you REAL bikes out and exersice for change.

Kayla , 14, Ottawa

A message from taylor

they can bike and not use fossil fuel emissions in cars/vans and other vehicles that we drive that use gas so ask ur parents or gaurdians to mayb ebike to work once ina while to help our climat change ask tham to walk jog or bike to the store dont be lazy HELP!!!!

taylor , 14, orleans

A message from taylor

hi im taylor i think that we could do better in conserving our water and not wasting iy we should take care of our earth as well by not littering we need to help because if we dont there will be an earth wen i have kids beacause it is so porly takin care of and just6 dont no wat else to do to help

taylor , 14, orleans


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