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What does Earth Day mean to you?

- Suggested by Sara, 10, Kamloops
[This question has 317 responses]
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A message from Jia

Hey Eco-Kids! I want send out this really important peice of info to you people our earth or planet will disspear in a matter of years, people have been treating the earth with disrespect. Please take care of the earth!!!!

Jia , 10, Calgary

A message from Nicole

The earth is very special. If we dont take care of her she will go away. We should help her instead of kill her. Every one could save water and eletricity, You might not think it is important but it is very important.

Nicole , 11, Calgary

A message from Jia

I think Earth Day is an very important day to remember, it helps you think of the earth more often, so you can remember to take care of her. If this short of polution and distruction to the earth continue we might not even have it anymore! :) EARTH EARTH EARTH :)

Jia , 10, Calgary

A message from Paige

Earth Day is a fantastic day. I want to help unpollute the Earth because Earth is our home planet. I am going to try to help clean up the Earth. We should clean up the Earth because of all the living creatures on the planet Earth.

Paige , 8, Oliver

A message from Liam

I want to keep the earth clean so all the living creatures on earth won't die. Polar bears are becoming endangered so somehow we have to give assistance to the animals from becoming extinct! There might not be a way to help the polar bears, but we must keep trying! The earth is ASTONISHING!

Liam , 8, Oliver, BC

A message from Jenn

We ae polluting constanly and it is to to muc. I think tht it is a bad bad thing.STOPPPP POLLUTING PEOPLE!!!

Jenn , 10, Stoney Creek

A message from Paul

I think that the world is getting really disgusting because of all the rotten garbage that is being littered or going to the dump. We should band together and do something about it because i'm mad about it. As a scientist I have recalled that the earth is going to flood in 50 years from now. I hope you do something!!!

Paul , 17, Stoney Creek

A message from zach

turn off all the power.

zach , 14, reading

A message from Amy

We have to recycle more and everyone has to get more active. We should make more Bikes instead of worrying about the next new car coming out. Also we should plant more trees.

Amy , 13, Mississauga

A message from Shalyn

Cars, Hair spray,is ruining our planet! Hair spray and cars, when you use them, produce holes in the o zone. The o zone can not repair its self! Energy eficeint light bulbs are the most coolest thing ever! It save lots of energy and lasts for about three years! I have 2 in by bedroom! Recycle! If you see some one that dosen't or, like a little sister, TEACH THEM ABOUT THEM! the brains will absorb this so when they are older the WILL recycle!

Shalyn , 11, Greeen Bay


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