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What do you think is the biggest environmental problem?

- Jay, 12, Los Angeles
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A message from varoon

it's very wrong to pollute the enviornment because if the air gets polluted, it will cause acid rain which can be very dangerous to life on the earth.

varoon , 14, delhi

A message from Kieren

Travelling. Because so many people use cars, motorbikes, ect. So there is so much polution.

Kieren , 13, Armidale

A message from Taylor

My Schools name is J.V.D.E.S and told me about this site . I like that it talks about agriculture . I'm gald that some kids look at this web . Its really good for there Social Studies . It helps out kids with lots of things in Social Studies . Taylor P.S I choose that Icon because of all the kids . Around the earth looks in this website .

Taylor , 10, Tuddern

A message from lakerra

i think ourearth should be clean

lakerra , 9, miami

A message from lakerra

are world should be clean always

lakerra ,

A message from bob

there is not enuf water restriction

bob , 13, bowan

A message from Vyoma

I think garbage is the biggest problem in the enviroment.Before I throw stuff in the garbage I ask myself about these three questions.(1)Can this be recycled (2)If I'M done reading a book can I give it to someone else? (3)Can I make anything out of this?

Vyoma , 9, FortMcMurray

A message from jackie

Our biggest environmenatl problem would have to be factories I mean when we go to New York look at all the factories and see how much smoke they are giving out and hurting out environment and just to think how many factories are found around the world how much earth is taking just because of us.

jackie , 11, manalapan

A message from jordan

i love it here

jordan , 6, auckland

A message from Frances

I think That the biggest enviromental problem is Tree Lopping.

Frances , 13, Rockhampton


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