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If you were building a new city, what would you have there? For example, parks, streams, public transit, bicycle lanes, windmills.

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from jenna

hello i think all animals sould stay alive and not be hunted

jenna , 11, hollywood, United States

A message from Mabel

Hmm...I think we need some true robots(not bad of course)and cool gagdets here.Although, I knew the thing I said is very physco,but anyway I think what I think what is good for our country.

Mabel , 11, Singapore, Singapore

A message from Rui Qi

I think that our country(home)needs more farms like those in New Zealandand also some robots(of course not bad )like those in Spykids.

Rui Qi , 7, Singapore, Singapore

A message from Jessie

What are we doing to help our planet from the greenhouse effect?

Jessie , 18, Jaffrey, United States

A message from Rob

Why do we have to cut down trees in this day and age, when there are so many other ways to build homes,paper can be be made from flax or hemp. So why doesn't our goverment put a stop to it? I have also see homes made from straw, so why haven't we done something about it?

Rob , 56, Markdale, Canada


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