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Biofuels are fuels made from plants or animals and their by-products. Do you think that using biofuels, like biodiesel or ethanol, are better or worse for the environment?

- Alex 14, Chicago
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A message from Natasha

I think that using biofuels is very bad for the enviroment because it can polute it.

Natasha , 12, Barrie

A message from Caroline


Caroline , 13, Ottawa

A message from Andrea

I think its bad because it would be bad for the environment and would efect the ozone.

Andrea , 11, corpus christi

A message from antonio

biofuels are very bad for the envirment

antonio , 12, norfolk

A message from gabriel

i think biofuels produced from living organisms

gabriel , 12, corpus cristy

A message from trey

i say yes they are because they can fuel a car and they help make sugar cane& plants

trey , 11, corpus christy

A message from Alyssa

i dont think they're very good for the envierment but i really dont know its all so confusing

Alyssa , 12, cc

A message from Danielle

i think biofuels are coool because they are made from waste products!

Danielle , 12, corpus christi

A message from Gage

I think Bio fuels are bad because they take up energy from the sun and produces alot of fuel and takes fuel from living organisms.

Gage , 12, Corpus Christi

A message from benjamin

no becuase the fuels can probolby kill trees and plants

benjamin , 12, corpus cristi


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