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What is you favourite winter outdoor activity?

- Tina, 9, Orillia
[This question has 149 responses]
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A message from Kelsey

I love the enviroment! Here are some ways you can hekp our mother Earth! 1. Recycle your plstics, metals, and paper! 2. Plant native plants and trees in your community. 3. Use public tansportation or carpool as much as possible. 4. Turn of lights when you leave a room. 5. spread the word about how much Earth needs our help and how kids can do so much to help.

Kelsey , 12, Edmond

A message from Kayla

I think that EcoKids is an awsome program and you can learn whatever you what to know about science or anything you what to see about science.

Kayla , 10, Helena

A message from Angelica

I love to recycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelica , 9, FL

A message from Angelica

I love your website .

Angelica , 9, FL

A message from Sydney

A few weeks ago I went to an Outdoor Program called Woodleaf and my favorite outdoor activity was The Night Hike it was so much fun. Hope you guys can visit sometime I'm an ECO-KID

Sydney , 10, Yuba City

A message from alice

i think tubing

alice , 7, toronto

A message from Parys

Well this website is amazing & has many educational games.....Their making learnig fun in a better & new way....Most kids would hate to do research & homework but makig it fun will also help.....I didn't really want to do homework most of the time until my teachers made up a homework game....EcoKids is a fun & easy website that many pepole,even grown-uips can learn about..Well thats all bye!!!!!!!

Parys , 11, Lanett

A message from Shantavis

My favourite Outdoor activity is Softball, I love to play it when it is hot out side and when there is nothing to do when mu friends come over and play with me the other thing I like to is take picures of outdoor things with my carmra

Shantavis , 12, Valley

A message from Austin

The best #1 is hockey.

Austin , 9, Batimore

A message from Peter

My fav is to play outside to make snow-balls and snow angles.

Peter , 9, Maryland


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