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Do you think it is possible for one person to change the world?

- Suggested by Hannah, 14, Toronto.
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A message from alyssa

i dont appreciate what you kids are doin to the enviorment especially global warming and if youde stop polluting some poeple might actully be able to go outside and get FRESH air!!!!!

alyssa , 13, campbellsville

A message from tyler

i say it is possible for more than one person to change the world:)

tyler , 12, richmond

A message from troy

my teacher says that when we learned about the enviroment i should pay excellent attention:)

troy , 12, richmond

A message from unknown

I have thought of a way that cars can make they're own electricity. This is what I thought of:The car would still have it's own rechargable battery to start the car, but there would be a generator in the wheels so as they turn they produse more energy for the car. When elecricity powered cars are made, if a generator like this is added, the cars will be completely environment friendly. I hope you take this idea into consideration. Thank you.

unknown , 10, Novi Sad

A message from Nicole

Why litter? If we all work together to stop littering our country woul be a much better place. Why do we have deforestation? Our world has enough greenhouse gases. Recycle your papers and bottles, use a trash can for garbage and stop throwing out old toys you think can't be used anymore. We can make a better tomorrow today!

Nicole , 13, Regina

A message from Joseph

I don't recycle much but know that i seen this site I recycle every day

Joseph , 9, BG

A message from sophie

I think 1 person could change the world because he or she could invent something new like flying bikes!!

sophie , 12,

A message from donna

i love the website we have a eco club in our new school and i will tell then abot this website from donna .p.s.thank you

donna , 9, Glasgow

A message from Janelle

Yes Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world by bringing black and white people closer together. Now,black and white people get married now. Like my mom's friends and now I have a 2nd best friend named Ryan he's half black and half white so yes it's possible for one person to change the world.

Janelle , 8, watertown

A message from kati

i think it could be possible if they try hard enough

kati , 10,


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