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What do you think is the biggest environmental problem?

- Jay, 12, Los Angeles
[This question has 154 responses]
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A message from sung jin

my environmental problem dirty water

sung jin , 13, \hansol

A message from da seul

Hi~ nice to meet you !! Problem water and dirty air

da seul , 14, hansol

A message from young kwang

I thing that dirty air and too much trash are the biggest problems.

young kwang , 15, bundag

A message from young hyon

is very inportant we keep environmental

young hyon , 15, suel

A message from Cho

Water is getting very dirty

Cho , 15, Seoul

A message from froggy macdonalds

I think the biggest problem is powerplants. I have driven from queensland to sydney and back a many number of times and one of them caught my attention. We are destroying this beautiful planet second by second.

froggy macdonalds , 12, m-town

A message from nikita

I think that rubish is the biggest environmental problem because all of our beautiful animals are chocking and dieing so thats my say of apinion! yours sencerely nikita!!!!!!!!

nikita , 12, Maleny

A message from Jarrad

I think that pollution is the biggest problem with people wastin to much water makes it worse........ So people need to cut down on power and have shorter showers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarrad , 12, Maleny

A message from sofie

I think the biggest environmental problem is humans because we are destroying all the animals & the whole planet and it's very very sad and I don't think we deserve to live on this beautiful planet.

sofie , 11, m-town

A message from Nic

The disrospect of the environment

Nic , 12, Maleny


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