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If you were building a new city, what would you have there? For example, parks, streams, public transit, bicycle lanes, windmills.

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from jimmy

i would put parks, schools, leave a lot of trees, streams, woods.

jimmy , 9, ny, United States

A message from jon

I wuold put skyskrapers, helicopters, cars, buildings, beds in buildings.

jon , 9, ny, United States

A message from molly

my idea of aperfect world would be to have a clean envirmnt. if i were biding a new city i would put limited sky skrapers. i would have a rule that you are not allowd to have cars or enythinng that might pulut the air. i also thing it is a disgras that the one planet that holds living things the one thing that all of us can say we have is an earth but now we can say we have a puluted earth

molly , 9, N.Y, United States

A message from Jennifer

I would make bus stops, leave some trees, make a park, once in a while send people to grow things, I think that would do for a good city.

Jennifer , 9, NY, United States

A message from Kirstie Dannielle Inman

I am a military child. I have never lived on an economy until I moved to Germany nad I learned that any city or town sould have parks for kids to play, and one or two natural rivers or streams. I have traveled all over the world and seen all sorts of pollution then, when I moved here I found that Germans have a different way of living they are tout to recycle and it is a huge fine if you get cought littering. Also, it is a provine fact that over 75% of Germany's population takes a public bus or bicycle instead of driving a car.

Kirstie Dannielle Inman , 11, Ochsenfurt, Germany

A message from sanya

I would have: streems,a few trees for the animals, and I would try not to have much polution.

sanya , 9, scarsdale, United States

A message from Sultana khan

I believe that it is so wrong to cut down the rainforests, and destroy one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the planet earth. How can people think that ruining animals homes and destroying such good forests is a good thing?

Sultana khan , 13, Dakha (bangladesh), India

A message from Sarah

First of all I would see and listen to the people who live in that city and their opinions. If I couln't do that I would put in a park, windmills, streams(if I could),and places where any body can get a job so that less people would be homeless and nobody would be jobless. People would never hunger or thirst either because there would be no such thing as money you would be paid in food. If you would want to go out than all the restaurants would be free all you can eat buffets (with different food in all of them of course).

Sarah , 11, Baltimore, United States

A message from Mandy

I think this website is awesome! But, I live in a very small town and I would like to know what I can do for my community. I've always wanted to make a difference but I need some ideas on how to get started!!

Mandy , 11, Bauxite, United States

A message from Sarah

Do not litter! people should not litter it is very bad and it makes the outside look terrible

Sarah , 12, Winchester, United States


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