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How would you get people to recycle more and to make less garbage? How can you change the way people think about trash?

- Allysha, 11, Virginia
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A message from Claire

I think we should ban landfills and have more bins to recycle. We should also make almost everything biodegradable.

Claire , 12, Grafton

A message from Madison

G'Day I would get people to recycle more by saying that instead of throwing the waste in the bin, you could use it for art projects. And we should ban landfills!

Madison , 11, Grafton

A message from sophie

You would tell them that if you recycle,you would make change to the world and help all the plants and animals. You would through away paper in the right spot but those are all our trees which would be gone and animals could not live.

sophie , 8, frisco

A message from Madelyn

I think one way we can have less pollution is to show benefits that people care about.By doing that I predict that there will be less garbage and more recycling.Then people will think of trash as a resource that we never knew about.People will be more cautious about what they put in the trash.

Madelyn , 10, Florida

A message from Janna

We could make ads about the environment.Like posters,commercials,etc.

Janna , 10, Mississauga


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