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What does reduce, reuse recycle mean to you?

- Mithya, 12 Srilanka
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A message from Trace

I think reduce means not to overuse the things you have. I think reuse is a good idea so there is not so much litter. Recycling is good idea so that people can reuse products.

Trace , 11, Sault Ste. Marie

A message from Taylor


Taylor , 12, orlando

A message from Brielle

I think That every day is earth day

Brielle , 9, Little Falls

A message from rula

To me it means to keep our earth and homes healthy

rula , 8, toronto

A message from charles

it cool

charles , 15, hallsville

A message from rachel

they are three factors in reducing pollution. reduce-to use less,reuse- make as much use out of an item as possible,and ,of course,recycle- making new item of reusable/recyclable materials

rachel , 14, arima

A message from daphne

i love nature

daphne , 11, merrickville

A message from Natalie

People need to start helping the planet!Me and my friend Elizabeth are starting a business when we recycle paper and plastic for other people if their to busy. We started this business because we wanted to make a little bit of money and we like helping people and recycling. So lets start going around and recycling. Lets help the Earth.

Natalie , 9, Aledo

A message from ashtyn

people should start taking care of our earth by recycleing things like cans and plastic bottles and mitiriles.

ashtyn , 9, aledo

A message from madison

people need to do more recycling.

madison , 9, aledo


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