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Why are plants so important to other living things, and how does human activity effect them?

- Josh, Toronto, 13
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A message from Karinia

Plants are important to living things and humans because animals eat plants and survive on plants. So do we! We use the oxygen from plants and breathe it. Plants are just like trees! We use plants too.

Karinia , 9, Thunderbay

A message from Ellie

So they can get oxygen and nutrition from then.

Ellie , 11, Birmingham

A message from Nishant

Plants are important because they give us oxygen and if we cut down plants we will have less oxygen. When we are cutting down trees the animals are losing their home.

Nishant , 9, kuala lumpur

A message from Myah

This site is amazing!

Myah , 7, Salem

A message from Scott

Plants are important for us to live.

Scott , 13, Walmer

A message from Alisha

Plants are vital for everyday life because the plants emit necessary oxygen for us to breathe. Our activites are bringing too much carbon dixoide into the air. And even though the plants take in the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen, we are still putting too much harmful chemicals into the environement.

Alisha , 15, Spokane Valley

A message from Caroline

To give us oxygen to breath.

Caroline , 10, Batu Feringi

A message from Rachel

Plants are impotant because they make everything more bright and peacful. Also animals eat plants so without them animals would die! Humans disturb plants because they step and stomp on them. That ruins nature and thats not good at all.

Rachel , 9 , Ann Arbor

A message from Owen

We should clean the earth more!

Owen , 7, Brantford

A message from Miles

I love this site!

Miles , 11, Florida


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