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Do you think it is possible for one person to change the world?

- Suggested by Hannah, 14, Toronto.
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A message from jake

mabye just mabye

jake , 11, shawneetown

A message from EVAN


EVAN , 10, mississippi

A message from Manda

Yepers I could change the world 4 the better!

Manda , 14,

A message from Brittany

Yes and no... it depends on how you are looking at it. If you are looking at it in a way where you want to say something in public and everyone agrees then it could change the world...but if you are looking at it in a way that changing the way the creator put than you are wrong...thats my point of view.

Brittany , 13, cleveland

A message from Amanda

Could I change the world?? YES I could!!!!!

Amanda , 15, cleveland

A message from hunahechy

can i change the world if i wanted to

hunahechy , 12, poland

A message from OAOAJD



A message from Nicole

yes it is if they want to hard enough.

Nicole , 13, Regina

A message from Aaliyah

Yes, because if the person speaks up the people may listen and try help change the world.

Aaliyah , 11, Pineville

A message from meaghan

heck no!!!!!!!! because how would you like it if some one just tore down your home and evrything you owened. it's worng and horrible espesialy when yur doing it to little creaters and endangerd animals. pepole say that the animal populationwas of the charts. but were the ones that are destrying there HOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meaghan , 12, clevland


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