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If you were building a new city, what would you have there? For example, parks, streams, public transit, bicycle lanes, windmills.

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from Krista

I hate how people cut down the rain forest...we need trees and plants to breath!!!!!! they give oxagen!! If we don`t help stop the cutting down of trees in years we might die...because they won`t stop they`ll just keep cutting down trees!! We Need To Stop!!!

Krista , 12, Port Hope, Canada

A message from franki

if i woz buildin a city i wood make sur dat ther woz plenty of rivas and lakes wher people cood relx.i'd also hav windmills so dat ther wood be an xtra energy sorce.i wood hav forests and arboritiums.and of course a giant shopping mall!!!

franki , 12, malmesbury UK, United Kingdom

A message from Ashley

help your town, city, or country

Ashley , 11, Carbondale, United States

A message from sanya

I would have parks, streams,and leave some trees for the animals.I would also have bus stops, apartment buildings,shops,and some restrants for the people.Also once in a while I would send out someone to make sure everything is okay.

sanya , 9, N.Y, United States

A message from nina

I would have: parks, sky scrapers, bus stops, police men and women every where. I would also have a privite place for animals witch is not poluted

nina , 9, scarsdale, United States

A message from Anam

If i was building a new country i would have lots of hospitals, anam

Anam , 10, Toronto, Canada

A message from Carine

I wiish to be a siencetist when i grow up.Wish my dream will come true.

Carine , 8, Singapore

A message from Emery

If I had a city I would have a lake, a park, 2 blocks of bazaars, a private bicycle street and a city hall with a small jail on back. That is what I'd have in my city.

Emery , 11, Matton, United States

A message from Anam

Hello, i am Anam, my environmental concern is very good , because my area is very clean and tidy , and all the people are healthy!

Anam , 10, Toronto, Canada

A message from Ryan

If I were building a new city, I would have lots of houses and buildings for people to live. I would have grocery markets for food. I would have a bus line and lots of car shops. I would have parks to play. I would have rivers and lakes and I would want an ocean for people to ride their boats. I would have lots of shops that people can work at so they would have jobs.

Ryan , 9, New York, United States


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