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How do you get to school every day?

- Joshua, 13, Colorado
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A message from madison

I go to school by car

madison , 9/, Jacksonville

A message from ibro

we must all loook after our planet . we all live in it we all must work hard to save it.

ibro , 12, birmingham

A message from Cameron

i get to school by having my mommie drive me .

Cameron , 10, Creskill

A message from vilet

our parents drive us

vilet , 9, belle rivier

A message from katie

we either walk ride a bike or go on the bus.

katie , 8, belle river

A message from jenna

I drive with my friends so that our 3 families dont waste gas, or polute the earth

jenna , 9, anehiem hills

A message from jermanie

i ride a bus everyday

jermanie , 9, atlanta

A message from Veronica

My mom drives me, my brother, and my sister to school every morning.

Veronica , 11, Sebastian

A message from Elizabeth

I ride the bus each morning with a lot of the neighborhood kids. I know this way of transportation is better than having my parents drive me because when you add it all up, buses sure pollute a lot less than a bunch of cars do!

Elizabeth , 14, Falls Church

A message from Patricia

Everyday I go to school through a bus. I think that riding a bus is more earth friendly because it saves up gas and causes less pollution than if everyone rode in individul cars.

Patricia , 12, East Windsor


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