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Why are plants so important to other living things, and how does human activity effect them?

- Josh, Toronto, 13
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A message from charlotte denny

I thought the whole site is a great idea for children to get involved with nature and to find out infomation about wildlife.

charlotte denny , 11, surrey

A message from Naomi

our eco warriors love planting flowers to help the environment.

Naomi , 7, Surrey

A message from Alissa

Whales rock!

Alissa , 9, Hiram

A message from Arti

If you didnt have plants you wouldnt be able to breath.

Arti , 11, Moore

A message from Design Team

Plants are important to other living things because they take carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into he oxygen we breath. Human activity affects them because as we destroy forests to make new houses we are killing the plants that live there.

Design Team , Barrie

A message from Twinkle

We should save endangered species of animals.

Twinkle , 13, New Delhi

A message from Victoria

Plants are important because we breath in oxygen and breath out co2 (carbon dioxide). Trees breath in co2 and breath out oxygen. So without trees and plants we would die!!!!

Victoria , 15, new york

A message from Emily

Plants are so important, because they help us have oxygen, and that happens when plants "breath in" CO2 and "breath out" oxygen. When we breath out we breath out CO2 but breath in oxygen, so that means that we help plants "breath" and they help us breath. Human activities, such as cutting down forests, will make plants disappear and we might soon run out of oxygen. The worst thing that humans are doing is cutting out that forests in Brazil!!!!

Emily , 13, Tallahassee

A message from Zach

Plants are so important because they make oxygen. No plants, there will be no oxygen and no life! And that's why plants are so important.

Zach , 8, Nashville

A message from eva

Bees and butterflies use plants everyday so dont pick any plants. Plant them instead! You are not just killing the plants you are also killing insects and animals.

eva , 11, north berwick


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