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Earth Day is fast approaching...tell us what YOU are going to do to help our earth!

- Cris, 10, Toronto
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A message from becky

What I`ll do is I`ll reycle cans,trash,and plastic bottles to help our EARTH.

becky , 11, Monroe, United States

A message from RVNEET

Ilove ecokids games because it"S FUN TO PLAY

RVNEET , 10, BRAMTON, Canada

A message from Kia

I think Emma is right this dumb pollution has to STOP.I say whoever pollute is really stupid especially on Earth Day.Oh yeah, and everyone should stop cutting down trees we need those trees and that's why everyone should stop polluting,cutting down trees,and should plant more trees and just try and save our earth while we still can and really care about our good earth.

Kia , Las Vegas, United States

A message from Kia

I think people should stop polluting and start recycling I hate it when i'm walking and I step in other people's trash.I say this because I don't pollute at all not even my family pollutes.

Kia , 9, Las Vegas, United States

A message from ealina roberto

dear felllow readers i would like to comment on the topic of energy as you know by the next 100 years oil will finish we need to conserve energy for our future generations

ealina roberto , 12, spain, Russia

A message from Jessie

Thank you very much for this very cool website and how it tells you about cool animals that are going to go extink because of our polution. If everyone rode their bikes to shcool, took shorter showers and baths, and picked up their own garbage (and maybe even other peoples garbage) then maybe in the future the polution on the earth wouldn't be such a worry to the planet.

Jessie , Canada

A message from danica

i think this is a realy cool website"'''""'' expecialy for kids and teens like earth day if it wasnt for your website i wouldnt know that much about it .but now im on your website i know more about earth day

danica , Canada

A message from bob

I think Earth day is asome.

bob , New York, Iraq

A message from Cassidy

I think people should recycle. Do they want their home to be a garbage dump? I also think they should save water. Here's some tips: take shorter showers, only wash clothes on a full load and don't leave the sink on while brushing your teeth. Then you can save the world like ME!

Cassidy , 9, Bloomingdale, United States

A message from Jessie

I think that earth day should be everyday. Just think of how much better this earth would be if everyone picked up after themselves everyday of the year. --Jessica S.

Jessie , 13, Lindsay,ON, Canada


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