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What does Earth Day mean to you?

- Suggested by Sara, 10, Kamloops
[This question has 317 responses]
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A message from isabelle

i recon that this site cool . my class did heaps of stuff for earth day it was so much fun

isabelle , 9, noosa

A message from Luvraj

well, earth day is really important because it is a motivator for everyone to help clean the planet. But earth day should be everyday not just one day, and that is the only way we will be able to make a difference and see a change. THAT is the only way if we continuously clean our communities everyday how much we can. We can all do it if we all come together as a global community and work together to clean the environment.

Luvraj , 15, Toronto

A message from angelene

earth day meanw we have to help our planet and to save it and help our animals health

angelene , 10, winnipeg

A message from imen

we dont throw the garbage

imen , 13, ziralda

A message from Shreya

God made the sun and god made the tree's they are beautiful.the earth is the home that holds our lives and earth day is the time we remind ourselves that the earth is precious.and thats also why everything on earth is precious too .

Shreya , 6, Sharjah

A message from Terran

keep the Earth clean!

Terran , 10, boone

A message from Rijushree

We should save enviroment and nature.Earthday teaches to Recycle,Reuse,Reduce which protects the nature

Rijushree , , mumbai, India

A message from talia

Earth day is soooooooooooooooooooo important because it makes people take time out of their day to help make earth a better place to live in. Especially now because if we don't change our ways soon the earth will be one big garbage heap. Earth day means cleaning up the world around you, doing extra work to clean our planet and the world around us.

talia , 11, Winnipeg, Canada

A message from stephanie

earth day is so important to me bescuse i have a lot of fun planting tree recycleing thing and cleaning our enviroment ,consering water and giving food to our animal and habiat

stephanie , 8, fl, United States

A message from Keisha

Do ou wanna her what I wanna say we should be taking better care of our earth we have been laying around doing nothing while globak warming is taking over so get off your lazy but and help STOP GLOBAL WARMING

Keisha , 13, Winsor Ontario, Canada


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