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Do you think it is possible for one person to change the world?

- Suggested by Hannah, 14, Toronto.
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A message from chatchick

Actually if one person could save the earth I think that they already would have you know what I mean but its a good question anyway :)

chatchick ,

A message from Kadi

I don't think that only one person can change the whole world. but I do think that one person can help change part of the world. If everyone helps out a little bit, people (we all) can help save that world or at least change it. I honestly think that if everyone helps once in a while, we can change the world. Thnks, Kadi

Kadi , 12, Inver Grove Heights

A message from BRITTANY

Hi Eco I just want to say your website ROCKS. FROM BRITTANY

BRITTANY , 7, saint john

A message from Madison

Yes,I think it is poslble That 1 person could change the world because of all the tecnolegy and posible neucleer bomb exloshions. That means the world could cange in one second.

Madison , 11, Fogosville

A message from kevin

Yes if everyone follows. A man invented a game called BINGOyou to help children pushing parents to use less polluting cars. There are ways to help others to follow: here it is helping children negotiate pocket money with parents. That man also invented a new crazy balloon game which is great fun (it's a balloon tied to a stick with a ribbon as explained on the web site) That also can help kids to follow.

kevin , 11, monreal

A message from shannon

Yes I do because after one person starts more will follow so I think 1 person definatly can

shannon , 12, Milton Keynes

A message from Robin Kelly

I think we are being selfish and greedy. the indians thought that you couldn't own the land, but we came and destroyed it. we're only thinking of ourselves and not about the animals and the Earth. I think we should take care of the world like the indians.

Robin Kelly , 11, cornville

A message from Michelle

no way ! I do not think at all one person can change the world ,but if everyone works together we could make a much bigger differnce then with just one person ! I mean come on one person right now is trying to save the world and you don't see much differnce so if we *all* work together we can really make a differnce.

Michelle , 11, Lawrenceville

A message from Emily

Yes because anybody can do anything and if they think it is good they might just beable to change the world.

Emily , 10, New Tripoli

A message from nicole

yes,becase if one person spreads the word it will go all around the world and every body will try to help with the enviroment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole , 11, england


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