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What's your favorite eco friendly ideas?

- Lorenzo, age 14, Houston, USA
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A message from Kassy

I particapate in a school group that we call the litter less lunch group. It helps a lot... we even sometimes mesure the weight of the garbage, and it has went down at leased 10 pounds!!!! I think this is the best way to keep the school from littering... by the way, you also get a house-team piont if you have a litter less lunch!!! :) I mean I , for example, have improoved A LOT! Trust me, it works!!!

Kassy , 10, Chilliwack

A message from lexi

well my groups best idea was the litterless lunch for my school the ones on thursday by the way you rock ECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

lexi , 10, chilliwack

A message from taylor

My eco friendly idea is we should recycle and pick up garbage in the streets and the sidewalk and this should not just happen on earth day every day like eco friendly cars.

taylor , 10, oakville

A message from briana

You could stop some of the cars or stop making new ones a md use the left over scraps from building the car and build that with that.

briana , 10, allen,tx

A message from Taylor


Taylor , 10, Hampton

A message from Melissa

Me and my friends encourage are school to reduce reuse and recyle. We also climbed trees so that they would not be cut down by the state. at my dads house we have horses and we use there poop for fertilzing are hay field and garden.

Melissa , 12, South Bend

A message from marissa

My friends and I climb in trees to save them from being cut down. We also encourage other people to use recylable toilet paper!!!!

marissa , 11, south bend

A message from Mousika

I prefer Composting. I think it is the most fun, easy and Eco-friendly way to help keep the world clean and healthy. wait, before you go, one more thing- RECYCLE!

Mousika , 5,

A message from Riviana

We should help stop pollution in the ocean, river, etc. Also, we should help stop people from cutting down animals habitat's.

Riviana , 11, Hershey

A message from Kaeli

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle, because you can reduse using stuff that will hurt the environment, reuse the stuff that will hurt the enviroment and that will do global warming, and recycle stuff that you can no longer use (clothes, paper, cans,etc). Those are my favorite eco friendly ideas.

Kaeli , 12, Houston


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