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Why people and government don’t care about the environment?

- Fadilah, 8, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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A message from Piranawi

I say that they do not care because they think it is a waste of time and no one cares about it. They also don't think it is a big deal because it is just plants and animals. They don't notice that they might diee because the plants will not be there and no animals.

Piranawi , 10, Toronto

A message from

well they should care because if they dont care everybody including the goverment and people will die because of to much pollution.

, 10, Toronto

A message from qwanish

what do i have to say oh yeah they don’t care because some people and the while staff of the environment because they are selfish.

qwanish , 10, tronto

A message from Saurav

I always reuse or do the triple "R"s a.k.a. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Saurav , 9, Waukegan

A message from Zach

I think that some people do care about our environment and I do think that some people in the government system do care about the environment in the United States. But that does not mean that all people and the government do not care about the pollution and global warning alerts. I personally think that you either care about your environmental surroundings or you do not care about your environmental surroundings.

Zach , 13, Beckley

A message from Libby

I'm not really sure why the goverment and some people don' t care about the environment. Maybe they don' t like the environment. BUT I DO!!!!

Libby , 11, Washington

A message from Chantal

I think the people don't care because they have other things to worry about. I think that the government should also care about the environment just as much as anything else.

Chantal , 12, Greensboro

A message from Vic

I think that people don't care about the earth.I care,do you ? Maybe show off people don't.

Vic , 8, toronto

A message from alice

i dont know but we should care as we are causing problems to other people in the world

alice , 9, dudley

A message from Libby

I' m not sure why some people and the goverment don' t care about the environment. Maybe they don' t think it' s important.

Libby , 11, Washington


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