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How are you getting ready for school?

- Lauren, age 8, Winnipeg.
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A message from Ashley


Ashley , 13, Guay

A message from RIYA R

i walk or ride bicycle to reach school as it does not cause air pollution

RIYA R , 11, Navi Mumbai

A message from RIYA

I reach school by walking or by riding ciycycle to reduce pollution

RIYA , 11, Navi Mumbai

A message from shambhavi

just dress up and go brush toooo

shambhavi , 12, puwakarta

A message from armadia

i got ready for school by puttind on my clothes,brushing my teeth

armadia , 9, ga

A message from breona

school is not fun

breona , 8, philadelphia

A message from yuanxin

i just pack up

yuanxin , 9, groningen

A message from Chantal

Well I Have breakfast, and watch the TV(That's the bit!!!) Then I get dressed, pack my bag and I go to school in a car (Should fix that as well!!!)BUT I LIKE ECOKIDS!!!

Chantal , 8, Melbourne

A message from Pratheeksha

I get ready to school by packing my bag,brushing my teeth,taking bath and dressing with my school uniform.

Pratheeksha , 9, Bangalore

A message from Lindsey

I am starting to read more so that when classes start I am ready to read my textbooks easier.

Lindsey , 20, Boulder


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