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Do you know what global warming is? Can you think of how wildlife (animals and plants)will be affected by a warmer climate?

- Angela, 13, Perth
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A message from Sally

Yes. It is when the temperatures go up.a lot. Penguins could get killed because of global warming. The ice would melt and the water would dry out.....

Sally , 11, Baltimore

A message from R.J

It can affect the animals and plants by having less food and the animal s have to adapt to it

R.J , 6, Windsor

A message from Kristen

This website is so cool. I wish other people could learn more about pollution. And how pollution is harmful to animals that live in the area polluting gas. I wish people would stop littering on our beautiful nation. You know it's not like the earth cleans itself or something.!. I wish people wouldn't litter because animals could be in danger.

Kristen , 9, maud

A message from rafael

we have to save the earth because we only have one .You can save the earth by recycle or take care of animals,are many other forms you only have to think on that. Thank for your attention

rafael , 10, Guatemala City

A message from emily

recyle it's imporant cause you can save the earth everyday.BE A EARTH SAVER

emily , 8, toronto

A message from nicole

i dont know much bout global warming but i know alot about animals and the heat is affecting them highly some are even dying because they cant do the thing they are used to doing

nicole , 14, sumter

A message from Christine

I think we should have Earth Day every day. I think the earth desearves it. I mean we have been living on the earth for many many decades. I love the earth. It is very important to me.

Christine , 10, Green Bay

A message from Alexie keenan Jansen

Well, the earth is one of mother nature ahd created. I bet that mother nature is griving right about now. The world is getting closer and closer to it being global warming. You may think- Oh I am the only one pulluting the earth, so there will be no global warming but there will infact be some what of a global warming. Every one polluets. The world needs to wake up and smell the polluted air and step up!

Alexie keenan Jansen , 11, GreenBay Wisconsin-sullivan School

A message from sophie

The planet will be a better place with our help eco club. save our planet.

sophie , 10,

A message from kimberley

I would like to save the invirement and keep it very very tidy it is the best that we keep it tidy and it will be a lot beter place to live and more peopel will live on planet earth it will be the best planet in the world i would like it that way

kimberley , 8, Glenrothes


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