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What does outdoor environmental education mean to you?

- Suggested by Niccole, age 12, Edmonton, Canada
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A message from gerry

I think it is cool.

gerry , 8, orilia, Canada

A message from aishu

what do you think this world means to you?

aishu , 8, skaerbaek, Denmark

A message from ashley

i think it is greaaaaaaattttttttttt

ashley , 11, talladega, United States

A message from Allie

I think it means people who have already been educated are educating other people on how to take care of the earth and live in harmony with the animals and the trees.

Allie , 11, Kent, United States

A message from Jody Lee

Why are trees and forests important to the world?

Jody Lee , 10, Edmonton, Canada

A message from Tao Junlin gracious


Tao Junlin gracious , 9, HOUGANG, Singapore

A message from Carine

EcoKids teaches me cool stuff!

Carine , 8, Singapore

A message from max

these outdoor environmental education means diffrent to diffrent people like some people thinks its fun and games but what i think is that these are very usefull to us (me)

max , 12, LA, United States

A message from Joe

I think it means sports and activities.

Joe , 10, Kansas City, United States

A message from Meantrue

What does outdoor environmental education mean to me? First, It's a kind of education for us to receive it. And it's not in your home, but by other ways available for everyone. Environmental is the subjet which we choose to learn. So, the definition of outdoor environmental education is the education about environment we learn outside.

Meantrue , 16, Nanjing, China


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