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What are your New Year's (Green) resolutions?

- Jake, 11, Moncton
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A message from Masie

If people recycle more, it would be grate!

Masie , 7, Valley Road

A message from Laura

This is a really good site and i luv the games! It's really good and i like the bit were you send a message!!!

Laura , 7, Hawrich

A message from William

The more you recycle, it will make a really big diffrence to everyone in the world!

William , 8, Harwich

A message from Erin

If everybody recycles more rubbish, it will be good!

Erin , 8, Hawrich

A message from IPSHA

pollution! pollution! can we find the soultion juts give us a dose, to stop this ghost.

IPSHA , 10, Bhopal

A message from molly

help me and my class try to stop pollution

molly , 9, westburke

A message from Jenny

STOP building! It is taking away animals life. They eat grass but all the grass si getting taken away from houses and other buildings. If we can live with what we have animals can live too. It isn't fair to animals taht we have a place to live but they don't. One day there house is there then they go hunting then there house is gone. Animals want to be happy too. Animals have feelings too you know. Once again STOP BUILDING!

Jenny , 10, Edgewood

A message from collen

this web site is COOL

collen , 8, timmins

A message from Breanna

I love peguins do you??? Peguins are my passion are the yours???? I LOVE PEGUINES!!!!!!! DO YOU??????????

Breanna , 9, Edmonton

A message from rita

i love the favorite part is the animals.

rita , 9, stem


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