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For those of you who celebrate the holidays by exchanging gifts, what gifts can you think of that are environmentally friendly?

- Suggested by EcoBob.
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A message from maigen

i think it is wrong to not recycle. recycleing is good to do

maigen , 10, sparta

A message from Brittany

I have been on Ecokids only 10 minutes. And I thank it is realy awsome.

Brittany , 11, Bedford

A message from tori

i think animals should be respected as people are

tori , 10, supply

A message from ELLEN



A message from Ridhi

I have done alot of your activities, they are great!At my school my friends and I have started this rubbish picking group! It's alot of fun.

Ridhi , 10, Auckland

A message from Sarah

Growing flowers/potted plants/growing vegetables or fruit trees for your garden. etc. that have been grown nearby. They convert some of the CO2 into O2 and it is scientifically proven that seeing greenery inmproves your mood. Sending a goat or something could be bad if the goat is sent by air. Aeroplanes = pollution. But I don't know whether they are or not.

Sarah , 11, Cambridge

A message from Cindy Canary

I think you could get a Bird feeder or Decorative recycled Paper.

Cindy Canary , 12, Swift Current, Canada

A message from caitie

My aunt raises goats and she has a web site at and we like the idea of giving a gift of a goat to someone who needs milk. this is from heifer international. and goat milk is very good for you. and also it is yummy.

caitie , 7, United States

A message from lizzie

so far i got a rose. it's a plant so it would be good for the earth and the enviroment. it is a producers.

lizzie , 12, toronto, Canada

A message from Ashley

I think the animals are environmentally friendly

Ashley , 11, Corydon, In


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