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If you could do one action to help the environment, what would it be and about what issue? (litterless lunch, organizing a petition, a protest, meat less Monday, vermicomposting , etc.)

- Roby, age 13, Toronto
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A message from Nhazreen Joy

I could do one action to help the environment it would be plant trees and pick up litters because if you plant trees everyday it prevents landslide and it will drink the flood and it will help our mother earth and to pick-up the litters so our world will be clean and it will prevent flooding and it was about "Litter less Lunch"...

Nhazreen Joy , 10, muntinlupa city

A message from ayisha

I would ban bottled water. With bottled water, they waste water from springs, basically poison the water with the plastic from the bottle, and then use air polluting factories to make them. They also just charge you for tap water.

ayisha , 12, edmonton

A message from Shiza

while consuming the energy just think that "Our today is our future"

Shiza , 15, islamabad

A message from connie

i think it would be less pollution. its better if people walk or use their bikes, so that there wouldn't be more pollution and endangered birds and butterflies.

connie , 8, alberta

A message from Michelle

I would use containers for my lunches and convince other kids to bring litterless lunches because if we don't,all the trash will end up getting dumped in the sea or landfill.If a lot of kids worked on this together, we could help save Earth.

Michelle , 8, Quispamsis

A message from Chloe


Chloe , 12, Leeds

A message from Manuel

i like eco kids beacause you can learn something new

Manuel , 6, santo domingo

A message from Thomas

Help save the Sharks. Over 80% of sharks are dying. If you want to help, we can team up and stop the shark hunting.

Thomas , 8, Quispamsis

A message from Arika

this site rocks! Remember:reduse,reuse,recycle,and make the earth a better place! This is the only Earth we got! So treat our only planet kindly :)

Arika , 10, Monore

A message from Bruce

Have a lunch that you dont have to put in the garbage.If you do put a wrapper in the garbage it will make the dump bigger and that makes more garbage that smells even worse than before.Bruce

Bruce , 9, Rothesay



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