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What do YOU and your friends and family do to keep the environment clean?

- Kendra, 11, Winnipeg
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A message from Lorenzo

We recycle cans and paper. We have 21 big bags of cans were saving till we get the energy to walk. We don't use cars.

Lorenzo , 14, Soto

A message from bloto

some times i clean the yards and throw out my trash!:)

bloto , 11,

A message from Sophie

To keep the environment clean, i do not cast papers in the street, in the city... When I am in my home, I recycle the wast with my familly, i don't use the water for nothing and I've a lot of plants. When I cast the papers, my best friends me the pointed out so that I collect.

Sophie , 17, Hérouville-St-Clair, France

A message from Soumaya

It's, in my opinion, a lot interesting. I am more aware, and now in the future I shall pay more attention. And can be that I shall become environmentalist. ^^

Soumaya , 16, Herouville, France

A message from Benjamin

Recycle my friends it's very important for the earth ! PEACE

Benjamin , 18, Caen (France)

A message from Nicolas

To keep the environment clean, my friends and me try to do the necessary.

Nicolas , 16, Hérouville France

A message from Abdel

I put waste in the trash , i try to consum as less water as possible :D

Abdel , 17, Caen FRANCE

A message from Anaïs

I pay attention has my water consumption. And i turn off light when I'm not in a room.

Anaïs , 17, Paris-France

A message from Hélène

I pay attention to consumption water and electricity. I sorting waste. I don't throw out garbage in the nature. I respect many the planet

Hélène , 17, Paris-France

A message from Fatma

I sort my waste for recycling plastic, paper etc.. I pollutes less and the Planet.

Fatma , 16, Paris France


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