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How would you feel if a garbage dump was located down the street from your house or apartment?

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from Kate

All depends if it was filled with a bunch of stinky garbage and usable stuff too I'd only be OK about the garbage but usable stuff is different luckily I don't live by a garbage dump!

Kate , 9, Omaha, United States

A message from lindsay

How would you like it if you had GRAFFITI on your own house or property.

lindsay , 11, Windsor, Canada

A message from Tonya

i'd be mad because a bunch of people around my house just burn there trash or just leave it out in there yard!

Tonya , 11, Hatfield, United States

A message from Meagan

It wouldn't be appeling to live next to a garbage dump.

Meagan , 11, mountain rest, United States

A message from ananomous

I would feel angry at the public for putting a dumpster so close to society.I mean, what were they thinking, I for one do NOT want to smell people's garbage first thing in the morning!!!!!!

ananomous , 10, Moorpark, United States

A message from Natalie

I would feel disappointed that some one would do that to the Earth. I think that people need to remember that there is only ONE earth!

Natalie , 12, Yorkville, United States

A message from Kyle

I think it would be very gross to have a garbage dump down the street from my house. Not gross because of the smell, but gross because half of the stuff that gets thrown away is recycable and people aren't recycling. We can save more things by recycling and reusing items. Save the penguins!!!!!

Kyle , 12, Hamilton, Canada

A message from Tee

If a garbage dump was located down the street from my house, I bet anything that the whole neighbourhood what stink real bad. No one would like a garbage dump near their house or apartment. I think a garbage dump should be far away from houses and apartments. Everything would stink real bad. Imagine having a garbage dump near your house/apartment. I know no one would like it at all.

Tee , 12, Hamilton, Canada

A message from francisca

i will feel o.k and take it to the recycling center.

francisca , 10, rancagua, Chile

A message from ivanna

i will call the reciclyn center that i'm on my way.

ivanna , 11, dallas, United States


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