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How would you feel if a garbage dump was located down the street from your house or apartment?

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from Aria

REcycling Rocks!!!!!

Aria , 13, norfolk, United States

A message from Evan

I would be mad.

Evan , 7, PA, Canada

A message from Mychala

It wouldn't matter to me 'cause Its not like you're going to be living in it

Mychala , 10, longview, United States

A message from serah

every one needs to stop throghing things on the ground. It can hert animals. It herts are inverment.

serah , 15, monteral, Canada

A message from autumn

I think that having a garbage dump down the street would force my mom to make me and my brother to move away to florida because our neighborhood wouldn't be suitible for my pets or anybody else's pets either!

autumn , 10, Jackson, United States

A message from Jeyo

It will not be good for the community.

Jeyo , 11, Bangkok, Thailand

A message from see,see

It would be sad because no won cares

see,see , 10, cinniti, Egypt

A message from alex

I would die if every animal were to die

alex , 8, rolling prairie, United States

A message from anon

Quite frankly if a garbage dump were located down the the road from my house I would feel really peeved off, especially since the earth or my nose wouldn't be getting the care it really needs.

anon , 12, auckland, New Zealand

A message from 2-lassie

oh gross!!I would feel that human beings likes to pollute our earth.they do not know how to take a good care of their own world....

2-lassie , 13, perak, Malaysia


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